Become a part of Grace International

As a church body:
Please contact the national office, 713-363-2530. We would love to discuss with you how your church can become part of Grace International.

As a licensed individual with another organization:

  1. Call or email the District Superintendent (DS) in your area. This website has a list of our DS’s regionally located. If you have questions, please call the National Office, 713-363-2530, or send an email to
  2. Express to the DS your interest in being licensed with Grace International and ask for the complete packet of forms to begin the process.
  3. All applications must remain on the original form and format, which can be typed in or printed in ink. Computerized forms are also available upon request.
  4. The Grace International Constitution and By-laws is to be read before completing all applications. The DS will provide you a copy or you can find it on this website.
  5. We request a current photograph to be submitted with your application, preferably in color and at least a 2x3 size.
  6. A spiritual resume must be attached to each application.
  7. There is a $115 credential fee that must accompany first-time applicants. Please note that this fee will be returned in the event the application is not accepted.
  8. When paperwork is complete, send it to the District Superintendent. A personal interview will be scheduled with you and the district committee.
  9. The District Superintendent will then submit your file to the National Office for final approval and processing.
  10. The National Office will notify you of the action taken within six weeks of date received.

As a layperson interested in Licensing:
There are three levels of licensing: Pastoral Development or Specialized Ministry; General; and Ordination. You would start with a Pastoral Development or Specialized Ministry License. You must be supporting a local church and be active in local ministry. You will need a recommendation letter from a sponsoring pastor.

The above steps apply here as well.

More Information
If you are interested in getting more information on how to become of member of Grace International please fill-in and submit the form below.

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